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Received Logs – November 2019

Logs Received so far: 5

FileQSOsClaimed Scoremd5sumTamaño KBRecibido UTC
L55D.LOG520032e4137adf3159aa91430e3f741138b0,8511/12/2019 1:01:01 PM
L77D.LOG7422abc62bc99adfad64bcfe758c20c0f631,1911/5/2019 12:02:10 AM
LU5DX.LOG367ac3d824812dc84a724ca3d98343f4810,8611/2/2019 10:31:36 PM
LU5RR.LOG1106988e97a0d5aae17a51554884be050731,4811/2/2019 1:09:36 PM
LW5DQ.LOG52064c00c5a3b448b2a0c53c31d71cfe6d11,0411/12/2019 3:33:42 PM